Our Queenmade Promades were lovingly created and were sold way back in 2020,
The First and Original seller of Promades in the UK market.

Within this time we have sold thousands of Promades, setting the standard in the Lash Industry.

We sell the most matte, Jet Black, soft to touch beautiful fans.

Using minimal adhesive and hand crafted lovingly by our Lash Artists.

We created our Promades to help Lash Artists who struggles making fans, to help speed up sets, to help when your are behind on a  set, or simply to make YOUR life easier.

The retention on our Promades is highly rated.

We have unique ways to apply them, how to get maximum retention from them.

We provide this in an easy to read leaflet attached with every Promade Order,
we encourage you to read and take actions on all the steps included.

We stock 4D,5D,6D,8D,10D,12D,14D,16D

in C.CC,D,DD Curls.

We stock the largest variety of Promade lashes in the UK, gaining our Promade Lash Specialists status.

We are also a 2 time award winning Lash Brand.

We offer samples of our loose Queenmade Promades, and our NEW Lightning Speed Promades. Give them a try today to see what you are missing.

Your Sets will look so full and fluffy you will wonder why you didn't try them sooner.

please JOIN our Facebook support group today on tips and advice on promade fans:

Facebook: Luxury Lash Support Group HERE